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Camouflage Change Mate

Limited Edition Camo Change Mate


The Original Change Mate is the perfect accessory you need to get changed in public places without exposing yourself.

You can use the Change Mate in many places/venues like the beach, swimming pools, gyms, dance schools and more.

Use it to change in and out of clothes with ease and once you're done simply pull on the bottom drawstring, put what you have changed out of inside, pull on the top drawstring and here is your duffle bag. Sling it over your shoulder and voila!!

There is even a secure pocket for your valuables.

You can even use it as your bag for a day out shopping at markets where trying on a piece of clothing you really like can be tricky due to a lack of changing rooms. Simply use the Change Mate to try on what you like and then use in again in duffle bag configuration to carry home your purchases.

The Change Mate really is the ultimate Portable Change Room!

This Change Mate is made of polycotton. It is a little thicker than the microfibre ones. This if for people who want to look trendy even when they are getting changed.

Watch our video on our landing page to see how to use it!!

Measurements: 75cm wide and 80cm long. It works well for adults and children.


The 2 side openings give you easy access to get changed and have been sewn in a very special way that does not allow for anybody to see what you're up to when you are getting changed.

Enjoy your Change Mate and please don't forget to give us feedback. We're always looking at making our products even better.

Designed in Australia and Made in Australia.


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CAMOUFLAGE Bottom Change Mate Sydney Australia
CAMOUFLAGE Bottom Change Mate Sydney Australia

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CAMOUFLAGE Bottom Change Mate Sydney Australia
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